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10 Gallon Grow Bags Wholesale Price, Free Samples, Fast Delivery! We are a professional 10 gallon smart pots supplier with 20 years of manufacturing experience.

10 gallon fabric pots size

10 gallon grow bags10 gallon grow bags dimensions in cm: 42cm (Top Diameter) x 31cm (Height).

10 gallon fabric pots size in inch: 16.54inch (Top Diameter) x 12.20inch (Height).

10 gallon fabric grow bags are used for plants, cannabis, flower, vegetable and tree growing and transportation.

· 10 gallon smart pots OEM or ODM is available. If the order quantity is large, we will refund the mold cost.

· 10 gallon grow bags are made of quality non-woven fabric. These fabric pots volume is about 42.9 liters.

· They are eco-friendly and more economical. You can use 10 gallon cloth pots both outdoors and indoors.

· Trees and plants grow faster and breathe well in 10 gallon fabric pot. Reinforced handles for easy movement.

· Ten gallon grow bags moderate thickness, light and beautiful. Easily folds up to be stored when not in use.

· 10 gallon fabric pots with handles are reusable. You only need to wash them with mild detergent and air dry.

· Ensure to choose 10 gallon fabric planter the appropriate size for different vegetable and plant growth needs.

We do not have MOQ if we have stock. If we do not have any stock, the MOQ is up to the product. Different product will have different MOQ.

If you are interested in 10 gallon fabric pots wholesale, please contact vincentwilsongarden@gmail.com for free samples and best offer, buy more save more!

Delivery & Payment for 10 gallon grow bags

Packing: We often pack 10 gallon smart pots with solid box, pallet and pp bags. We often stack them one by one, which will save much more space on the container.

Delivery: We often deliver our goods by sea, we deliver the 10 gallon fabric pots samples by courier, for example, Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT and Aramex! We ship 10 gallon grow bags worldwide, such as USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ and many other countries.

Payment: Bank transfer (T/T), Western Union, Paypal or Letter of credit.

Our advantages in 10 gallon smart pots

Our advantages

We are a professional fabric planters manufacturer and supplier. We have 20 years of 10 gallon fabric pots manufacturing experience. High quality and competitive factory price, free sample, fast delivery, 24-hours service!

We have 35,000m² workshop area, the most professional team and the most advanced production machines. So we have the ability and confidence to meet your best 10 gallon grow bags requirements!

fabric pots application

Wilson Garden is a famous 10 gallon fabric pots manufacturer with its factory producing all kinds of fabric grow bags. We have quality products that can suits your 10 gallon grow bags bulk needs.

To ensure that you are satisfied with our 10 gallon grow bag, we provide you with the best fabric pots that are affordable. We also have a professional team that can provide you with the best service.

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What to grow in 10 gallon cloth pots?

10 gallon fabric grow pots are a great way to grow plants indoors. They are also very easy to use and maintain. You can use 10 gallon fabric pots to grow many different types of plants. You can use a 10 gallon smart pot with handles to grow large plants like cucumbers, melons, squash and more.

Tomatoes, peppers and basil do great in these root pouch 10 gallon. Smaller plants like lettuce, kale and spinach also do great because they don't need large amounts of soil to thrive. You can also grow potatoes and radishes in 10 gallon cloth pots as well.

10 gallon fabric grow bags are not large enough for any type of edible root vegetables like beets or carrots. They are too small for most beans as well, since they need lots of space to grow before they flower.

10 gallon smart pots are made from a sturdy material that can withstand the weight of your plants as they grow taller and heavier. They come with handles for easy carrying when you need to move them around your yard or garden.

How much soil for 10 gallon fabric pot?

10 gallon grow bags are great for growing in small spaces, but you should start out with a minimum of 1 cubic foot of soil. This will give your plant enough room to grow and develop strong roots.

If you have a larger quantity of soil, you should weigh the soil before adding it to fabric pots 10 gallon. So you do not overfill your container and risk damaging your plants. You may also want to consider using a moisture meter to ensure that your soil is evenly moist throughout its depth.

Most people use a mix of coco coir and perlite or vermiculite as their growing medium because these materials have excellent drainage and air retention qualities. You can also use straight coco coir or other types of non-soil based growing media like rockwool or hydroton.

How much water your plant will need depends on the plants in 10 gallon planter bags and the hours of light they get per day. Most plants can live without water for up to two weeks, but keeping water on them well will help them grow faster and stronger.

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