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What is an air pot?

An air pot promotes this healthy root structure with just what you'd expect: air. With air pots, you can use any type of potting mix and give your plant optimal drainage. Air pots create aeration and good airflow around the root system, allowing more oxygen for healthy root development.

Air pots free your plants from the confines of a traditional container and allow you to grow much larger plants. Air pots are made from plastic. An air pot will work with just about any kind of plant -- ivy, herbs, flowering houseplants. Air pots are a great way to keep flowers and other potted plants hydrated.

By using air pots, you can avoid watering your plants too often by regularly draining the water that has collected at the bottom of the pot. If you leave your plants in a bucket, they will become waterlogged and the root system will start to rot. The air pot is designed to create an environment that is similar to when it's sitting in soil, so it will adequately provide enough oxygen for the plant.

Smart Pots vs Air Pots

Smart pot vs air pot: Are air pots better than smart pots? The answer to that question depends on numerous factors. Air pots are taller / thinner and made of plastic, while smart pots are wider / shorter and are made of fabric.

An air pot is a plastic container with holes around the sides. Air pots are used for growing plants indoors and outdoors. Air pots allow a lot of air flow, which is needed for healthy plant growth. Fabric pots are made of polymer fabric that allow excellent water drainage and air circulation through the medium.

Air pots provide great advantages over fabric pots. They are lighter, and because there is no fabric, they have no risk of having roots trapped underneath them. Air pruning pots also dry out faster than fabric pots; this keeps your plants healthier as there is less risk of over-watering.

Air Pots can provide better aeration to roots because there is more room for good air flow around the roots. Air pots are a great way to store plants and make them last longer. Air pots differ from other containers because they leave room for air and water to circulate among your plant’s roots, which is better for the plant than soil potted in regular pots.

As air pots let the roots grow in free air instead of potting soil, they do not cause plant problems such as “root rot” or root diseases which are caused by soil-borne virus.

Smart pots are made from breathable fabric, can help improve the root environment for plants, they allow roots to grow naturally.Smart pots can also be used in multiple ways from seed starter potting to transplanting and fruit/vegetable growing.

The benefit of smart pots is that they are easy to move around and clean. Fabric pots are made of durable, washable fabric. With fabric pots, you can easily fold it up to store them when not in use. You can easily clean the dirt off of it. Finally, fabric pots can be easily customized with a variety of designs.

What is a smart pot?

Smart pots are soft sided fabric containers for growing plants. Smart pots, also known as fabric pots, are a new type of material that designed to prevent root rot.

Smart pots don’t have a saucer, and they seep water through the sides. They’re made out of fabric and they allow water to evaporate more efficiently. So the roots are exposed to moisture, but not sitting in water.

Fabric Pots vs Plastic

Fabric vs plastic pots: Are fabric pots better than plastic? While both plastic and fabric pots are reusable, plastic pots typically won't maintain their quality for as long as cloth pots.

Traditional plastic pots restrict air flow and can make your plant's roots sweat and rot. Fabric grow bags are made of non woven fabric that allow roots to breathe.

Fabric pots are lightweight and breathable, which allows for good root aeration and keeps plants healthy. We use plastic pots for larger plants and in our hydroponic systems.

As we konw, both of them have pros and cons. Which kind of flowerpot to choose depends on the plants you grow. Whether you’re growing herbs or flowers, our pots fit the bill.

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